Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Schonbrunn Palace Vienna

Day 20 Mon.afternoon
The palace was a short U-Bahn (subway) ride from my hostel. Since I thought most of the museums would be closed on Mon. this seemed like a good thing to do with my 1/2 day. Talk about BIG! People had described Vienna as "grand", mainly having to do with large buildings. They were no exaggerating!!

This is the front of it that I first saw and went in to see part of the inside. There was an audio tour that I listened to as I walked through the rooms and dodged the bigger groups of people on tours.

When I came out I wanted to go to the park part in back but first I had to walk down a looooooong pathway:

Then I saw it from the back, and there were multiple paths all over the place.

One path led to this fake Roman ruin that had been built, I think for atmosphere. Everything was so carefully placed that you knew it was all a plan.

This is a map of the place, so you can see all the paths. The top green one is only the upper part of the park where this other fancy building is.

There were these four guys singing french songs, really well and loud when I came which added to the scene.

I walked all over the place, up the hill to the fancy building getting all sorts of nice views and then down past the zoo which I didn't go into, to the labyrinth and maze which I did go into.

Then I had dinner in the cafe and then listened to the concert which was a mix of music, opera and ballet (duets).
It was nice but I could have skipped the concert, it wasn't anything I haven't seen/heard before.

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