Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another hot day in Warsaw

Day 11 Sat. 18 July,
After having a delicious iced coffee at EEK!! Starbucks, Megan did a little shopping and then I dragged her through the "new" town which is next to the old town. It was really hot, it could have been close to 100f. Then we had to take a bus, which has no air conditioning out to the airport where Megan met the other kids going to camp and is where I said good-bye to her. The airport was nicely air-conditioned so I hung out a bit but then I had to suffer through the return trip to the train station and managed to get a ticket for the next rain. I was sure it was going to be air-conditioned but it was miserably hot on the train too, until after about 45 minutes the conductor came and told us (them in Polish and they to me in sigh language) that we could move up to another car which did have air conditioning, phew.

Luckily when I got off the train in Krakow it was considerably cooler and looked like it was about to rain. The atmosphere was much more relaxed as well which I liked.

The Secret Garden Hostel is very nice and I ended up having the room to myself the whole time I was there. This is my room, the view from my window, the front and two of the hostel workers in this cool storage room. It did start raining so I was glad to have my raincoat and umbrella and I headed out to find some dinner.

I found this great restaurant not too far away which also made their own vodka. I tried ginger vodka which had a nice sharpness to it and then Rowenberry which had a fruity but bitterish bite to it that I really liked. That was my introduction to Krakow

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