Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 9 & 10 2009 Traveling & Cambridge

Day 2 We traveled all day arriving in Cambridge England about 11:00pm.

Day 3 Fri.
After breakfast with Nick and Sarah and plans made to meet for lunch they left for their labs and we got organized for a day of wandering around Cambridge. We took the scenic route along the river and then shuffled amongst the tourists through the market square and past the shops.

After lunch (at Wagamamas - a chain noodle restaurant that would do well in the the States) Megan and I wandered down Kings Parade and looked in some of the colleges as well as shops.

I’m stilled awed and impressed with the old buildings and all the detail, as well as just the difference from what I see at home.

On the way back to N&S’s house we discovered baby ducks and baby moorhens in the “ditch” as well as an errant bicycle!

We were then further delayed by the cats that needed to be petted.

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