Saturday, July 25, 2009

Budapest Weds. Day1

Day 15 Arrived in Budapest 22. July

This is the train station in Budapest

There is a lot of construction going on all over Budapest. When I first walked out of the station all I could see were plywood walls marking where you could walk.

The first thing I did after dropping off my stuff at the hostel was to walk down the street to the Market Hall which is huge, food on the bottom floor and lots of stalls with embroidered tablecloths and clothes, and other tourist items. There are also stalls to get cooked Hungarian food upstairs which was where I had lunch.

Then I walked across the bridge to the "Buda" side (most of the city is on the "Pest" side). There are several bridges, this is one of the nicer ones.
It was very hot, I don't know if you can read the temperature sign - it says 38C which is 100F!! I passed one of the thermal baths - hot water just wasn't appealing in that heat, and then thought I would walk just a little ways up the hill.

I was at the base of the Citadel, the highest hill in Budapest which really isn't that high. As I went up there was a nice breeze and the views got better so I kept going.

Then I got to the point where it was too hot and too hard but I thought I must almost be at the top (I wasn't!) so I kept going. When I finally got to the top there were all these people there and I could buy some water and the view was amazing. I then discovered all those people had come up in big air-conditioned tour buses!

This lady is right at the top and you can see her from all over Budapest. This other athletic looking guy is left over from when the communists were here.

I walked down on the other side and saw some elaborate buildings, went back over on a not so nice bridge and made it back to the hostel.

I went out for some dinner and saw this nice store window. That night I went to the movies just so I could be in an air-conditioned place and relax! (I saw Public Enemy, it was ok).

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