Friday, July 17, 2009

July 8 2009 Newton

Day 1 Weds
Megan and I broke up the long flight from CA to London by stopping in Boston for 24 hours. Mom and Dad picked us up at the airport where we proceeded to Baker’s Best for breakfast and then the house in Newton. Megan and mom did the things they often do - talking to friends and soduko! We had a few errands for Megan so we got to check out EMS and Needham St. as well as a stop at Star Market (called something else now?) for our traditional purchase of salami (we can’t find salami that tastes like the German style anywhere around Santa Cruz). We visited the rest of the day and had delicious steak cooked by Dad and then had to have a game of Rivers, Rails and Roads. Here you can see our final creation. The next morning we were back at the airport and on our way to Cambridge, which managed to take all day long with our arrival there at 11:00pm (23:00).

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