Friday, July 24, 2009

Last Day in Krakow

Day 14 Tues. Krakow and night train to Budapest 21.July.2009
I knew I wanted to visit the Ethnographic Museum which had been closed Mon. and see the dragon sculpture below the castle that I had only seen from above.

My first stop was the dragon, he breathes fire every 5 minutes:

This is the remains of the castle wall that is part of the park around the old town.
I then went to look for a few souvenirs in the market place. I finally found some of the blue and white Polish Pottery the kind that costs a fortune in the States (here is was about $3 a plate and $5 for serving bowls!!) I narrowed my choices down to a few small pieces.

I would have liked to have bought one of these dresses.....
Then I visited the Ethnographic museum where they had all these great costumes from different regions and scenes from traditional houses.

The "Ukrainian" eggs were really beautiful and they had them from all regions. We call them Ukrainian but these were from all over Poland. The cathedral shaped thing is something they call a "crib" and they have them at Christmas time.
I left on the night train to Budapest and lucked out in getting a compartment with 5 other young travelers, 2 from Switzerland, 2 from Spain, and a girl from Australia who was on her way to Romania and Transylvania. So I felt safe with them and we locked ourselves in the compartment. I was also on the top level with my stuff behind my head on this shelf thing. That was the one thing I worry about - getting robbed on the train if I fall asleep. One guy in the hostel lost his phone that way. Knock on wood, so far I haven't lost anything.

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