Thursday, August 6, 2009

The rest of Dresden

Evening of Sunday
After watching the skateboarders I walked in towards the "Alte" town square. There were nice flowers in front of the city hall as I see all over most of these towns and cities.

Yes, I was there. I have started to hold the camera in front of me so I can be in some of the pictures and "prove" I was there.

Even though we hear that most of Dresden was destroyed during WWII by bombings there one could be fooled into thinking that they missed some of the landmark buildings. However, the reality is that they were all rebuilt after 1989 when the cold war ended and East Germany was no longer under the Socialist regime.

The surrounding square and buildings were quite large and nice to walk around. There was a terrace on the back side that looked out over the river.

There was this incredibly long mural, this is just one little bit of it but I went like this all along the building.

I walked across the bridge even though I could see that it was raining off in the distance. I don't know why it didn't occur to me that the storm would be moving in over the city. And of course I got caught without my raincoat or umbrella since when I went out it was still about 100 degrees and sunny! I sat under the umbrellas in the beer garden by the river until it got too windy and these quite large umbrellas started to blow over.

I finally decided to go inside the restaurant to eat, it was charming and looked like a traditional country type place with traditional German food. I'm not sure what I had was traditional but it was good.

I finally decided I was just going to have to walk back to my hostel and get soaked. I couldn't walk very fast because I was wearing my sandals which slip on wet smooth marble pavement which is what the whole way back was. So I had to walk slowly and carefully. Then when I didn't trust my sense of direction I decided I was going the wrong way and when I finally stopped to figure out where I was on the map I managed to knock a contact out of my eye (thank goodness I remembered to bring a spare pair) and I had to ask some girls where I was because the writing on the map was too small to read! Then I discovered that I had been going the right way in the first place but now I had walked way out of the way so turned and walked the extra distance back to my hostel. I was glad that I had splurged on this one night there and had gotten a private room.

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