Monday, August 3, 2009


Day 23 Thurs.

When I got back to the hostel the 5 empty beds in my room were now full with sleeping girls. In the morning I found out they were all from southern CA and were on their way to the free walking tour that I was planning to go on, so we went together. This is our tourguide - an American history major who really enjoys his job named Justin. My camera ran out of battery power after my 3rd picture which turned out to be better as I listened better when I wasn't taking pictures.

After the tour we went across the river to a park for a much needed beer as it was hot. We sat at this great viewpoint looking out over the whole city.

Then we walked through the park over to the castle area and looked at the oldest Gothic cathedral in the world (well Europe, but I don't they built Gothic cathedrals anywhere else in the world before the 12th century).

Of course only part of it is from the 12th century, part of it wasn't finished until 1929. There are some amazing windows including one by Mucha but when I went back on Sat. to take pictures it was crazy crowded, so I passed on that.

We finally made it to the John Lennon wall which had been our original destination.

This wall is part of the Malta embassy who were fine with letting Czech's use it to express themselves during the communist reign. The reason that they were safe while writing on the wall was because, if you look at the picture you will see a narrow band of stones next to the wall that aare different from from rest of the sidewalk. That narrow band is part of the embassy, therefore when you stand on that you are considered to be in the control of the country of Malta and not Czech. Of course we all had to write something on it.

Later that night I went out with the Australian girls for dinner alond the river which was very nice.

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