Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Prague day 2, the rest of the city

Day 24 Fri. 31. July 2009
This hostel, though very large and spacious did not have anyone working there, someone came only when they needed to check someone in or out. So needless to say they did not include breakfast.

It seems to be a trade off - either you stay at a large, less personal hostel and get the amenities of free breakfast and laundry or you stay at a small place where you get to know the others there but you are on your own for breakfast. So the first thing I did was set off down the street in search of a place that served breakfast.

I found a little cafe where I ordered a ham and cheese toast and 1 soft-boiled egg, which arrived each on its own separate plate with own garnishes of lettuce, tomato, cucumber and the usual sliced red pepper (Zohar would do alright here, almost everything includes red peppers). While eating a women came in and sat at a table opposite me and when she took out her map I thought, "ah, another woman traveling alone". After a large group of English guys apparently on a bachelor party weekend came in all dressed the same and ordered beers, the woman and I got to taking, first about the guys and then we discovered we were at the same hostel. Turns out she just left NYC and America indefinitely - she got rid of all her stuff and got a one-way ticket to Prague and is enrolled in a course to become certified to teach English.

We walked into the old town and looked at the astronomical clock but just missed the on-the-hour show.
Then she had to go meet her new flatmates and we arranged to meet up later. I walked to Wenchelas Square. There is all kinds of different types of architecture including this Art Nouveau building, cubist building and Roccoco??, Neo-classical?? - I forget what this other kind is called.

I then walked down the street which is supposed to be a mini version of the Champs-Elysee, I don't quite see the camparison....

This synagogue was in the Jewish quarter.

I went to the Mucha Museum which was GREAT, lots of his pictures and a bunch of later ones that I really liked that we never see reproduced. My favorite pictures were not made into postcards or posters.
Suzannah and I met up after she took the free tour and and we found a cheap place to get local food which turned out to be really good and slowly made our way back to the hostel, stopping in a couple of other bars on the way for a beer (which is very cheap there, about $1.25 for .5l). As I had been walking or on my feet most of the day it was easy to fall asleep.


  1. This is really funny but that restaurant where we had that dinner is right around the corner from my school! We had drinks after class on the first day! And...that place where we FINALLY found breakfast on Saturday morning, also right around the corner from my school! We were so close!

  2. I bet Prague gets pretty cozy after a while, it really doesn't seem that big.